Honoring the life and grace of Betty Anderson

Honoring the life and grace of Betty Anderson

Supporting innovative social change efforts that engage people in climate solutions and caring for our commons

Supporting innovative social change efforts that engage people in climate solutions and caring for our commons



2017 Interfaith Power & Light: A religious response to Climate change because the moral voice, the ethical mind, the core messages of God and Allah might make the difference.

2016 DivestInvest Individual: So that individuals can celebrate their pledge to divest from fossil fuels, invest in the world they want to create, and revoke the social license of the fossil fuel industry.

2015 ecoAmerica American Climate Leadership Summit: To bring US associations together to share and learn about climate solutions and inspire action.

2014 Carbon Tracker: Helping Exxon shareholders understand the climate risks to which their investments are exposed.

2013 Movement Generation: Translating “just economy” visions into tangible models that move philanthropy from theory to action.

2012 As You Sow: Holding corporations accountable, day-by-day, shareholder-meeting-by-shareholder-meeting, will change the world.

2011 Hauser Center: Providing Marshall Ganz’s organizing pedagogy to organizers worldwide so they can help their countries and traditions engage in democracy.

2010 Grist: Digestible news on climate—with a smile—is essential for the choir and beyond.

2009 Climate Interactive: The Copenhagen Climate Conference needed a user-friendly climate simulator, C-ROADS, that would show pathways toward climate stabilization.

2008 Dogwood Alliance: To hold Staples accountable for its unsustainable logging in the southern United States.

2007 Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation: The relicensing of Duke Powers hydro on the Catawba required Catawba Riverkeepers’ leadership in the stakeholder process.

2006 Wild Earth Society: To turn the vision of continent-long and continent-wide corridors for migration into practical application.

2005 Sierra Club Foundation: A bottom–up, decision-making process that engaged all groups and chapters was essential in turning toward a climate focus.


Bonwood Social Investments: We invest in engaging people in climate solutions such that they will imagine and build fresh systems that support themselves and each other.

Our Philanthropic Investments: Over the past decade, we have invested four million dollars in 175 organizations in four- to six-figure grants. We look for timely impact executed by people and organizations that have found levers they know how to pull for positive change.

Our Financial Investments: Bonwood investments are fossil-free. We believe that owning fossil fuels today—coal, oil, gas—is akin to owning climate change. These energy sources are a bad financial investment, high risk and morally wrong. We are on a path to invest 100% of our capital assets in companies, organizations and funds that build a healthy future.

Our Grant-making Guidelines: To be invited to submit an LOI, please succinctly describe your program or project in one paragraph.

We must regain the conviction that we need one another, that we have a shared responsibility for others and the world, and that being good and decent are worth it.
— Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Climate change is a symptom of economic and political systems that have lost their way. Let’s solve for climate—and improve our economic and political systems along the way!